20th June 2016

Resin Bound Driveways

Resin bound surfacing is an exciting alternative for driveways and patios. It is far more versatile than concrete, block paving and tarmac because it is far more durable and can be laid in a variety of colours and designs to suit your requirements. It is very popular because it can be laid straight on to any solid foundation, for example, your existing block paving, concrete, tarmac, driveway or patio.

Basically, the aggregate (which comes in many different sizes and colours) is mixed with a suitable resin compound, and the mixture is laid on the prepared surface. This is a resin bound surface.

We try wherever we can to use recycled materials – so we are doing our bit for the planet!

Our own Thorgrip system uses a mixture of tough, flexible resins and highly abrasive resistant aggregate. The advantage of Thorgrip over others is that it cures very quickly. Your surface can be back in use within two or three hours depending on the prevailing conditions.

Benefits of Thorgrip:

  • Affordable – low initial cost
  • Long service life compared to other surfaces
  • Minimum maintenance – easy to clean
  • Flexible – can be used on a variety of surface

The Thorgrip system also lends itself perfectly to pathways and drives as it is 100% resistant to oil, de-icing salts, water and fuel. This means the substrate is protected which leads to a longer life span and a more pleasant, cleaner looking surface for years to come.

Please take a look at our gallery and see some examples of resin bound driveways.

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