Pros and Cons of Resin Bound Driveways

You’ve heard someone talking about this type of driveway, and you’ve been considering having one installed on your property. However, you don’t know much about them, so you are a bit hesitant about going ahead with it, because it is big investment, after all.

What does “resin bound” mean?
It is a system where a mixture of resin and aggregate stones are used to surface driveways, footpaths, and so forth. It is a type of porous, flexible surfacing material that is crack-resistant.

With resin bonding, another type of paving system, a thin coating of resin is applied to a surface and the aggregate then scattered on top. This surface loosens over time, and is non-porous.

Resin bound on the other hand, is where aggregates and resin are mixed together thoroughly before being installed, thus coating the aggregate completely. Mixing is done on site and applied cold, resulting in a durable, almost maintenance-free surface.

As with most other things however, there are certain pros and cons to these types of driveways, and the following list will be of great help to you, to decide whether this type of driveway is indeed for you.

Let’s talk about the cons first:

• For the surface of the driveway to be high quality and without any risk of sinking, splitting, or cracking, it usually requires a full dig that can turn out to cost more than the actual overlay. It must be said though, that full digs are not required for all projects.
• It is important to make sure that the colours you choose are UV stabilised, as some samples do fade in direct sunlight.
• As with all trades, there are companies out there that do really awful jobs, so you must do some research first, to check that the company you are interested in hiring for the job is indeed accredited, or awarded with Check A Trade or Trustrader.

…..and second, the pros:

• Provided that your project doesn’t require a full base dig out, this type of surfacing is significantly cheaper that all other options available.
• It is entirely weed-resistant.
• Being flexible, extreme weights will not damage the surface.
• Since it is porous, rain does not collect on the surface to form puddles, but drains away naturally.
• With this driveway, you have many colour options to choose from, unlike block paving or concrete, so you can have a driveway that matches the colour of your house perfectly.
• The value of your property will increase significantly, because your driveway will have that “just installed” look for many years to come.
• It is low maintenance. Just a quick power wash once or twice a year, will have it looking brand new in no time at all.
• It provides better traction, which is perfect for those who are accident-prone, the disabled and the elderly.

If installed correctly by experienced, well-trained installers, this is a surface that is completely porous, weed-resistant, and requires little to no maintenance at all. With professionals covering all areas of the project, as well as any problems that could arise in the future before actually installing your driveway, it will remain problem-free for many years into the future.

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