5 Reasons to Choose a Resin Bonded or Resin Bound Driveway


When deciding what type of material to use for a new driveway, sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. One popular choice for homeowners is that of the resin bound and resin bonded driveway type, as both are very similar and act in very much the same way.

Resin Bonded:
A resin bonded surface is when the aggregate is scattered onto the resin and then sealed. This produces a non porous surface, meaning that water cannot filter through it.

Resin Bound:
A resin bound driveway comprises of the resin being mixed with the aggregate. This surface is porous, meaning that water can filter through it back into the ground.

Below we share 5 reasons why you should choose a resin bonded/bound driveway over any other type of driveway.

1. Anti-slip surface

One of the major benefits of this type of driveway when compared to other materials is that its surface is non-slip. This is due to the fact that it is highly resistant to fuel spills, water and oil. Resin bound driveways do have an overall smoother surface than resin bonded alternatives, but they are also anti-slip. Therefore the choice very much depends upon how smooth you want the surface of your driveway to be.

2. Durability

The resin bonded/bound driveway will last you many years, as the materials used are incredibly durable. In fact they have a longer life than any other type of driveway material. Coupled with this is the benefit of the driveway having a much more clean and pleasant feel.

3. Easy to apply

A little preparation is needed to prepare the surface onto which the resin bonded/bound mixture will be applied. Once the surface is prepared, the application of the resin aggregate is incredibly quick and easy with very little mess being made.

4. Highly affordable

If you are working to a tight budget, then it makes a lot of sense to use this type of material. As well as it providing an excellent non-slip surface, it is also one of the most affordable and cost effective materials that is available.

5. Customised surface

There are so many distinct looks that can be created with a resin bonded/bound driveway. The resin bonded driveway creates a more rustic looking driveway and works well with older properties. You can also create a completely personal design with the use of a resin bound material, as you can choose many different colours and textures; including a specialist coating of coloured glass.

When planning that new driveway, do carefully consider the many benefits that resin bonded and resin bound driveways have to offer you.

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  • The price of this product completely depends upon the size of the area and accessibility. If you are able to supply us with this information, we will be able to provide you with a rough estimate for the work.
    Based on a fully prepared tarmac surface with all edgings in place, you would be looking at somewhere between £45-£60m2 depending on the size of the area and accessibility.

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