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Resin Bonded Driveways

Originally developed to provide anti-slip surfaces on our nation’s roads and motorways, the idea and process has been modified to fit into residential areas quite seamlessly.



Resin bound surfacing is an exciting alternative for driveways and patios. It is far more versatile than concrete, block paving and tarmac because it is far more durable and can be laid in a variety of colours and designs to suit your requirements.

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Resin bonded driveways provide lasting value to your property.

Virtually maintenance free for 10-20 years, resin bonded driveways and resin bound driveways are, without doubt, the best value providing both product longevity whilst adding value to your home. To learn the difference between the two, please visit their respective pages; resin bonded driveways and resin bound driveways. You are assured of quality work from a leading contractor at a price to suit residential property owners. You can have an anti-slip, attractive, maintenance-free finish on your driveway and patio; an affordable investment that also looks fantastic! We trust that you will find the information on this website to be informative, as well as assuring you how we would be a great choice of company to construct your resin drive.


For many years the use of gravel, or aggregate for the creation of paths, driveways and other external areas has been widespread. Aggregate is available in many different grades of size and a variety of colours. But simply laying aggregate on an external surface can lead to high maintenance and other problems. The best solution to avoid these is to use a system of resin bonding. Such surfaces are known as resin-bonded and they eliminate many problems.


Quite simply it is a surface of aggregate or gravel that has been bonded together with a special resin. This means that the aggregate used is not loose, will not move around, and is more hard wearing and less hazardous than loose aggregate or gravel surfaces.


The area on which a resin bonded surface is to be laid needs to made sound and flat, as with any other kind of surface. Any major cracks or hollows will need to be filled as the resin will rise and fall with the base surface. The resin is then spread over the base surface and the aggregate scattered over it.

Once the resin has dried, any loose excess aggregate can simply be cleared away.

There are different types of resin available for use in bonded surfaces. Depending upon the colour and type of aggregate used, a resin with UV filter additives may be required. This will stop the resin changing to a colour that will clash with the colour of the aggregate.


Resin bonded surfaces are non-porous, which means they do not absorb water and other fluids such as oil. This increases durability but also results in a surface that possesses greater anti-slip attributes than other surfaces such as loose aggregate or resin bound, which uses a different technique.


Unlike loose gravel surfaces, resin bonded surfaces require very low maintenance. Of course, it is necessary to keep surfaces free of leaves and other debris to preserve the looks, but there is very little required in the way of regular maintenance.

A little excess aggregate may be loose on the final surface and should be removed. It is wise to check for this regularly during the first few months after installation and remove potentially harmful loose particles.

Life expectancy is generally expected to be around 8 to 15 years with normal usage before any major repairs or maintenance work or replacement is required.


Aggregate is made from re-cycled materials, making its use environmentally friendly. Construction of a resin bonded surface does not employ any serious use of plant or other power-consuming tools, provided the base surface has been adequately prepared.

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